Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lesson Plan ideas - Quaver's Marvelous World of Music

At TMEA (Texas Music Educator's Association) this year, I had the opportunity to meet Quaver (a real guy) from Quaver's Marvelous World of Music and learn about this awesome website and teaching resources.  If you haven't had a chance to look it over, check it out. You can wander around the place and visit the free areas. (Look out at the end of the blog for an example lesson using material from this website)

Click on the link for Teachers.  After you've looked around a bit and created a free account (your id and password), click on "Preview a Full Episode FREE!" to have a chance to see just how cool this resource really is!

You can purchase two full episodes for $69.95 or get the whole shebang for about $900.00.


You can use the free areas to supplement your lessons.  Your students can have their parents sign them up for a free account where they can play online games at home, chat with other users and buy "stuff" for their Quaver World with Quaver Bucks!

Let's explore...

Music Room

Watch video Clips on...
Beat and meter

Watch animated clips on
2 or 4 Beats to a measure
Guido (staff)

Watch Teaching Points videos on
Country Music Quiz
Vocal Exercises
Pitch (with vocal cords)
Impressionistic style music
Astroid type game to reinforce note duration

Travel in the Phone Booth

Learn all about Vivaldi or Beethoven in an interactive "book" with a quiz that allows the player to "unlock" cool stuff for their avatar and Quaver World.

Take a ride on the Metro

Watch a...
Blues concert
Classical concert
Pop music concert

Visit the Lab

Play Ear Training game
Experiment with Synth (learn about modifying sound waves)

In the Studio, you'll find...

... all activities that teach more about dance, music, drumming (rock style) and composing.

Lesson Plan ideas...

Today, I used the animated video clip "Strong Beat, Weak Beat" in the Music Room to help prep my students for the concept of Meter.  They asked to watch the video several times.  I had them sing with the song, patting their laps with a strong and weak beat at the appropriate time.

Then we watched the Video segment on Beat (Also in the Music Room) to learn a little more about meter.  The song is very catchy and well done.  My students were quite enthusiastic!

Then I had them choose a partner and use cut-out pictures of a "strong" arm and "weak" arm and arrange them in a two-beat pattern, each one taking a turn playing an instrument while we sang a duple meter song.  Then they arranged them in a four-beat pattern and again, we played instruments in four/four time.

Next lesson, we will transition to the song "I Bought me a Cat" which is a duple meter song and we will begin a unit on Aaron Copland.  We will continue to focus on meter and eventually learn how to conduct in 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 time.

I will share more ideas making use of the material in the other "Rooms."

Have you been to Quaver's World in your classroom?

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